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Paint defects

Orange peel / poor flow(Surface texture resembling orange peel) Cause: Paint viscosity too high. Fast, highly volatile reducers. Incorrect nozzle size. Spray gun too far from object; not enough paint applied. Spray pressure too low (poor atomisation) Paint film too thin Spray nozzle too small Flash-off time too long between coats Prevention: Set the right […]

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Reactive acrylic adhesives (sometimes called acrylates or reactive acrylics) are based on monomeric or oligomeric mixtures of the esters of acrylic or methacrylic acid. For simplicity, adhesives based on acrylate as well as those based on methacrylates are called acrylic adhesives. The monomers are usually low-viscosity, colourless liquids of characteristic to pungent odour. Esters of […]

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