Summary of product information
  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Polymer type: With Polyisocyanates Cross-Linkable
  • Category: Xylene
  • Category: Two Component Hydroxy Acrylic Resins
Product Information

A hydroxy acrylic resin designed for two component coatings

Product Supplementation
Appearance Clear liquid
Type With Polyisocyanates Cross-Linkable
Solvent Xylene
Solubility Soluble in:
o Aromatics hydrocarbons
o Ethers & Esters
o Ketones
Partially soluble in:
o Aliphatic hydrocarbons
Color Hazen(APHA)(ASTM D-1209)
Gardner(ASTM D-1544)
Solids(%)(ASTM D-1259) 60±1
Acid value(mg KOH/g)(ASTM D-1639) 5-10
Hydroxyl content(%)(ASTM D-4274) 1.8
Viscosity at 25°C (cP)(ASTM D-562) 2000-3500
Density at 25°C(g/ml)(ASTM D-1475) 0.98
Flash point(°C)(ASTM D-93) 25

• Good gloss level
• Good adhesion on various metals
• Excellent mechanical properties
• good outdoor Durability
• Fast drying

• See our guide formulation for specific information.
• Should be avoided using with alcohol and glycol solvents.

• This product is designed to formulate air and forced drying top coats and primer with a good water, weather, detergents and chemical resistance with excellent elasticity and adhesion on different substrates.
• Good compatibility with other hydroxylated resin.

• Should be kept in sealed containers at temperature not exceeding 35°C and well ventilated area for a maximum 12 month.


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