Summary of product information
  • Appearance: Moderately opaque liquid
  • Polymer type: Non cross linking & Ambient curing
  • Category: Reactive Acrylic Resins
Product Information

Tacryl RM-975I is a pure acrylic resin which is suitable for durable cold plastic two component road marking in combination Benzoyl peroxide. The manufactured paint can easily be applied, more than 2 mm thickness.

Product Supplementation
Appearance Moderately opaque liquid
Type Non cross linking & Ambient curing
Solid Content (ASTM D1259) 28±1
Refractive index n_D^20(ASTM D-1218) 1.44
Viscosity at 25°C (cP)(ASTM D-562) 200-300
Density at 25°C(g/ml)(ASTM D-1475) 0.98
Flash point(°C)(ASTM D-93) 19

• Hard and tough
• Resistant to aging and weathering
• Resistant to deicing salt and fuels
• Low tendency to graying
• Good abrasion resistance.

• Traffic marking paints and floor coatings
• Stop lines and direction arrows.
• Center markings on freeways and highways

• See our guide formulation for specific information.
• Should be avoided from any pollution during paint manufacturing.
• Temperature of the road surface must be between 10-30°C

• Should be stored indoors in sealed containers not more than 6 months.

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