Founded in Tehran – Iran – in 2000, factory Taak Resin has been located as its current location in Saveh, Kaveh industrial area since 2001.
It is originally focused on manufacturing solvent based Acrylic resins, which are mostly and technically used in paint and coating industry.
Because of their excellent properties of clarity, strength and chemical and weather resistance, solvent based Acrylic resins produced in Taak Resin chemical co. are widely used in four different categories:

• Thermosetting Acrylic Resins for Stoving Paints

• Two Component Isocyanate Cure Acrylic Resins for different kind of Industrial and Automobile Paints and Clear Coats.

•Thermoplastic Acrylic Resins for Traffic and Architectural paints and Metal and Plastic coatings.

• Cold plastic Acrylic Resins for Traffic paints.





The sales function in Taak Resin Co. is organized along customer management divisions rather than brand or geographical divisions management. Each sales engineer is responsible for all the products and enquiries due to a special customer. During their early initiation period into the company’s service, sales engineers are encouraged to adopt a marketing orientation and preoccupy themselves with the customer’s needs.
The marketing attitude at Taak Resin signifies that customer’s needs are not satisfied by the product alone but also by whole cluster of value satisfactions associated with creating, delivering and finally consuming the product.
As a truly customer-oriented firm, Taak Resin tried to create satisfying products that customers would prefer to buy.
What we are anxious to provide is not only the generic product but how, when and under what conditions and terms of trade it is made available to the customer, so that the product finally becomes a consequence of the total marketing effort.